Jade Palace

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Jade Palace is a unique erotic massage parlor in Bucharest, inspired from the Asian culture and traditions. The seven rooms have a unique design, similar to a geisha’s chambers. Let yourself be carried away and step into this paradise of pleasure. You will find that the erotic massage is one of the most precious secrets of passion and sexuality. Our customer loves our erotic secrets and continues to come to our parlor because of our personalized and refined style that meets the needs of each individual. We offer an unforgettable sensual experience combined with your erotic special requests. The massage is the art created with touch, and is based on the simple principles of the erotic massage techniques, giving playing pleasure and total relaxation.


Calea Călărașilor, 90

Thai Passion

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The erotic massage parlor, Thai Passion, invites you into an oriental atmosphere, consisting in five private rooms, each with a different theme. You will make a journey in time, where the erotic massage, the thai massage and the double massage brought a great contribution in the erotic life of a person or a couple. The erotic massage and the art of the body massage are inspired from the meditation techniques and from the expression of sexuality specific to the Hindu and Oriental philosophy and exceed, in intensity and complexity, a simple relaxing massage. Take full advantage of the erotic joys of life and living them through every part of your body!


Str. Prepelitei, 8

Vip Zone

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Refinement, luxury, sensuality, professionalism, all in one place - Vip Zone. Here, you will be able to do everything you can think of, like a star. We will not let you feel inhibited in any way. This is also the perfect place for private parties. Set free your imagination and come into a challenging and full of mystery atmosphere, with our attractive nymphs. The massage practiced in our parlor is an art that addresses the whole body, not just the sexual organs and erogenous zones. The massage should be done with dedication and tenderness in order to achieve the climax of relaxation and pleasure.


Bd-ul Mihail Kogalniceanu, 20


If you want to live unforgettable moments, if you want relaxation, erotism and pleasure, your best choice is a massage made by an expert in the art of the erotic massage in one of our luxurious erotic massage Bucharest parlors.

In any of our three erotic massage Bucharest parlors, you will find girls eager to offer you moments of passion and make you escape in a place where nothing is forbidden... only through professional massage techniques.

The types of massages performed by our masseuses in our erotic massage Bucharest parlors, with dedication and passion are: body massage, thai massage, tantra massage, relaxing massage, jacuzzi massage, double massage.

If we cought up your attention with this world of the erotic massages, we invite you to visit us for an unforgettable massage in one of our three erotic massage Bucharest parlors.


Erotic Massage Bucharest

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