For the massage sessions, in order to achieve their goal, meaning to relax you and give you a good mood, our masseuses and reception staff, have set some clear rules.

    Please read them and if you have something to reproach, please use the telephone number below to send us the inconvenience experienced.

0734.200.100 - NON STOP


• Have a hygiene, appearance, attitude and a vocabulary that will show respect to the customers, the service and also show self respect.
• To assist you during the entire paid time.
• To respect the lenght of the massage session.
• To offer you all the services, for wich you have payed at the reception, at the highest quality.
• To make sure that the way offering the services is regarding to your expectations, also to make sure that the techniques and intensity used, will indeed make you feel relaxation and eroticism.
• To offer you a clean room, bathroom and sanitized towels.
• NOT to allow you to smoke in enclosed spaces of salons.
• NOT to ask you extra money, especially for included services.
• NOT to offend you in any way.
• On departure, to join you until the reception.


• To inform you in a correct way the services and to answer to all your questions, regarding our services. • To keep you company in the reception area, in case you have to wait for a masseuse. • To give you the tax receipt after you have paied the service. • To offer you a drink for free, at your choise. • To help you get in touch with the manager in case you have complaints regarding the services received. • To offer you, at the end of the massage session, a satisfaction certificate in order to let us know your oppinion. • To join you until the door.

There are times when no matter how willing you and we are, complaints get born, expectations are wrong, nerves and tension appear. In these times, please keep your calm and communicate your complain to the receptionist, using a civilized tone, without insults and without violence.

Ways to deal with complaints:

• Make sure from the reception that you have chosen the right masseuse, the one that can and want to offer what you are demanding!
• Once the payment and the tax receipt are done, the money can not be refunded, but if a masseuse is not at your expectations in the first 10 minutes, you can choose another masseuse. After the first 10 minutes, masseuses can not be exchanged. A positive or negative experience with a masseuse does not garantee the repetition of that experince with another masseuse.
• Please, do NOT argue with the masseuses!
• Get to the reception and explain your complain to the receptionist, using a calm tone and a low voice, because she is not guildy for your unpleasent experience.
• If the answers or solutions given by the receptionist do not satisfy you, the receptionsit has the obligation to facilitate your connection, no matter the hour, with staff from the administration of the salons, that for sure will get the problem fixed.
• Make sure that the reason for wich you feel unsatisfied doesn’t have to do with sexual services that were not offered to you, because Hotangels salons offers only erotic massage services, at the prices displayed.
• We inform you that in case you are aggresive, violent in a verbal or physical way, BGS security services will be requested.

    When leaving from the Hotangels salons please fill up the SATISFACTION CERTIFICATE

    This certificate allows you to send us any inconvenience or congratulations for pleasant moments that you received, and it enables us to make a better classification of the masseuses and a better evaluation of the quality of services, so every time we will be at your expectations.

Everything that you fill up on the certificate is confidential, the masseuses and the receptionist do not have acces to its content.

Please, personally enter the completed form in the special arranged box, so we will be able to preserve your confidentiality.

If you provide us your phone number or email adress, you get to participate at our organised raffle, with free massage sessions as prices.

    A massage session lasts between 60/90/120/180 minutes, it begins when the masseuse entered the room, in order to start the massage or the assisted shower and it ends when the masseuse exists the room.
    During the massage session, you and the lady will be nude.
    The masseuses, even though they have different prices, when being presented individual, they offer the same services.

The price paid at the receptions, gives you the following benefits:

• A non/alcoholic drink, at your choice
• Assisted shower by masseuse
• A relaxation massage for the entire body
• Body massage - “body sensual”
• Erotic massage
• 1 or 2 happy ends through erotic massage techniques
• A final shower
• Slippers, towel, massage oil and dry wipes, shower gel, liquid soap, medical alcohol.

    The lenght of the each of the above service, varies depending on the number of hours that you have paid. If you want to insist on some of the ofered services, please mention this fact.

    Please communicate your preferances to the masseuse and she will be paying attention to them.

    The techniques for each type of massage varies from a masseuse to another. If you have clear preferences, please communicate them before choosing a masseuse.

In order to spend a pleasent time in the Hotangels erotic massage salon, please read and consider the following issues:

During the massage session:

You are alowed to:             Touch, caress, kiss, massage the body of the masseuse
                       (including breasts).
Only with the consent of the masseuse:    Touch groin, facial and capillary.

Are forbiden:                 Having sex, taking pictures in the salon and to the staff, smoking, physical
                       or verbal aggression, access with weapons, drugs and substances
                       prohibited by the laws of Romania.

General recommendations

• Have a friendly attitude towards the whole staff of the salon.
• Mention since reception if you have clear requirements from wich you do not deviate, preferences, desired techniques, fantasies, because not all the masseuses can accomplish them!
• Generally, choose masseuses who are smiling, friendly, opened, and that they have eye contact with you!
• Make sure you have a proper hygiene to avoid creating discomfort to masseuses!
• Remember that although paying for a service, masseuses are women, and as a result, there may be times when the masseues can get disturbed by certain gestures, touches, words, situations, so please, as much as possible, respect also their requirements!
• Appreciate the staff for their services if you have been satisfied.
• Use a calm voice, according to a massage salon, even if you have complaints.
• Ensure your personal belongings, do NOT give your credit cards, wallet, phone to anyone, also be aware of where you have put them. We do not respond of things alienated, lost or forgotten belongings!
• Because of the products used (oil/massage cream) and of the low light, there is the posibility to slip! Walk carefully and use the slippers that you have received!
• Masseuses reserves the right to refuse a massage session in case that after you have undressed yourself, skin or hygiene problems emerge!

• Lenght: 5 - 10 minutes
• Because in the shower you get rid of your inhibitions and you feel freer to try things... things you have never tried yet. The shower cream fragrances, the steam and water flowing over your body, are the perfect incentives for the prelude of what will follow, hygiene being very important for a good massage.

• Lenght: 15 - 20 minute
• The relaxing massage diminishes tension, stress, relieves pain, relaxes tense muscles and removes the state of apathy. Above all, a massage gives us a good feeling.

    The positive effects of a relaxing massage:
•improves blood and lymphatic circulation
•helps eliminating the toxins from your body
•increases the skin’s elasticity
•helps regenerating the tissues
•relaxes the muscles
•eliminates tiredness
•maintains a good health

    Some ladies are certified and they can give a professional somatic massage (you can find this info in the masseuse’s profile).

• Lenght: 15 - 20 minute
• The body massage is a stimulating massage, based on touches all over the sensitive areas, delicate touches that are designed to arouse, stimulate and increase pleasure. The full body contact with her sexy and nude body will make you feel like never before.
• It’s the moment when you and the masseuse are getting closer and closer, when you benefit from your prefered techniques which are also approved by the masseuse. This type of massage can be assimilated to a sensual dance, performed horizontally and is a foreplay for what will follow at the end of the session.
• Usually, the body massage techniques used by the ladies are: caresses, gentle touches with their hands, nails, breasts, buttocks, or sensual movements all over your body.
• Her whispers and her moans will accelerate your breathing... it’s the moment when you can also interfere and touch her gentle with your hands, your lips, all over the masseuses body (legs, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, back, hands... except her face and genital area).

• Lenght: 15 - 20 minute
• It is recommended the erotic massage with orgasm without ejaculation, with sexual continence ... ( you can find more details on the internet).

    Among the techniques used for this type of massage, you can find:
• massage with her hands, in different styles, depending on your preferences
• massage with her breasts
• massage with her pelvis and abdomen
• massage with her buttocks and lower back
• massage with her neck and collarbone

All the massage types performed in our parlors are carefully studied and because of the masseuses experience, they create sensations deeper even than the classical happy ending through sexual contact. The erotic massage is much more sensual and more sexually beneficial, hygienic and creates unique mentally and physically states. The erotic massage is an art practiced by passionate artists about their work, and you will feel their dedication in their happy ending techniques.

The three massage types listed above can be combined or you can choose only one type of massage. For a maximum effect we recommend choosing a combined massage, because an initial relaxation will have a decisive role in achieving the climax of the erotic massage.

• At your request, the masseuse can accompany you at your final shower, after ending the massage session.
• Lenght: 5 minute
• The masseuse will bathe you from outside the bathtub.

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